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Consumer favourite

Ladies Love Daisies!

The market leading series with the widest range available. Our Cape Daisy series features core main colours as well as unique novelties to differentiate your assortment from the mainstream production. Cape Daisy, more than 25 years the original and best!

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Osteospermum Cape Daisy®

Sakata’s Osteospermum assortment represents more than 25 years of breeding experience in this popular crop. Led by the Cape Daisy series, which has long become the benchmark that other varieties are measured against. For quality, performance and versatility, Osteospermum from Sakata are unequalled in the market.

Osteospermum x Hybrida

Got to love daisies!

The flowers of Cape Daisy are robust, compact and have core colours and novelties with large flowers in a range of intense colours. Besides Cape Daisy you have Cape Daisy Zanzibar.

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